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Episode 14 was announced a while back:

Can’t link the article directly, but it’s the one posted August 28, announcing a 未放送 (unaired) episode to be included in DVD/BD 7.

「Free!-Eternal Summer-」Blu-ray&DVDvol.7に

「Free!-Eternal Summer-」
vol.7 : 2015年3月18日発売

We weren’t sure if THAT was supposed to be episode 13 (as in, 12 eps aired, and this mysterious 13 would be the unaired OVA) or if it would be a 14th episode, but all DVD/BDs are the same price, and so far all have 2 episodes on them. 7 DVDs with 2 episodes each = 14 episodes, and we also know that episode 13 is coming next week. So 14 episodes total!

As for the movie, it’s nothing more than predictions. The unaired episode would be a good lead-in to it, though, and it’s being released at the same time as the mysterious seiyuu event—plus Kyoani has done movies of their series before (most recently, Tamako Love Story).

If there’s a movie coming, it’ll either be announced at the end of next week’s episode (probably on the endcard) OR at the seiyuu event next March :3 (I’d go with announced on the endcard, and the seiyuu event would be used to hype it, with a release next summer).

It’s all completely hypothetical though :) Nothing set in stone yet.



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Sasuke’s new theme song.

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Found Kakashi’s too. Waiting for a reblog though.

Shoooow me

It’s not that. I’m meaning that I don’t own it.

But here… credits to whoever found it…


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waifu and husbando

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SasuSaku + #5 requested by tall-girl-in-a-small-world

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Quick doodle// I just want my otp to be together already //cries// been busy with uni and midterms are coming up ;~; oh yeah, my parents got me an iPhone 5, I’ve never had an iPhone before but I’m slowly learning how to use it ‘v’

I made an Instagram for random doodles [starrydroplets]// also, thank you for 2000+ follows! I have a short comic for SS in mind ;v;

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idk if real but this is all i could find :/

he looks like a pirate and a hipster mix witha  gangsta look!!!!!!

when will he release his rap album? XD

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Work by 美和

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Song: Free! Eternal Summer ED FUTURE FISH Rin Matsuoka Ed
Artist: Rin Matsuoka (CV: Mamoru Miyano)
Album: Free! Eternal Summer ED
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FUTURE FISH Rin Matsuoka (Mamoru Miyano) Solo Version.

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You might not remember it, but I still remember... The day I first met you. To be honest, it had never occurred to me that I could lose to someone. But any frustration that I felt vanished when I thought, "There's someone more amazing than me." "I want to be able to swim like him." That's why it's hard for me when you're not always there ahead of me, showing me what path I should take.

"I remember it too… That tournament."

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Work by 휘바

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nanase haruka and matsuoka rin starring in who needs personal space?

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But Juvia loves a lot of things she has!!

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